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Advice for moving hives, 2 deeps and 1 super.

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My husband and I would like to move two hives within our apiary, one needs to move out of the location that it's in and a new dual hive stand is to be installed, and moved back, and a second hive moved from about 20 feet away. We are in IL, and the temps have been in the 75-85 range, so there is a fair amount of bees bearding.

What's the trick? Do you just move them and suffer any stings? Is there a way to get this done without being a pin cushin? Do you wait till morning and hope that the fielders are away?
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Suit up, give them a good smoke in the entrance, then just do it. Work quickly but calmly.

Unless they are very aggressive bees anyway you should not suffer too many stinging attempts.

The one leaving the property altogether, how do you intend to transport it, open trailer, or what?
If I understand what you are trying to do these moves are temporary moves until you get the hive stand built. Try not to move it that far away say 5 feet at the most. You will be dealing with a lot of bees around the old location no matter how you move so be prepared for that. If it is possible you could build the new hive stand just a few feet away from where the hive is now first and not have to deal with bees buzzing around you and then move the hives onto the new stand.

The bees are bearding because it is hot. If you ventilate they will go in. I did what OT said, ratchet strap the hive and just move it. The bees will follow the hive. It is the returning foragers that will go to the old location. So don't forget to put an obstical at the entrance so the bees will reorient.
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