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Adjustable head band of woven mesh sun helmet

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For over 40 years I have used the Excelsior Veil with the woven open mesh sun helmet.
I have seen several types of materials used for the adjustable head band.
Leather, paper, fabric and plastic.
The current hat I have uses a brown flexable plastic adjustable head band and is relatively new.
I cannot remember where I obtained it.
When I saw it for the first time I thought now they have perfected the material for the head band, not so!
On adjusting the band to my head size the the plastic indexing pins broke off.
I made a copper staple out of bear electrical wire to hold adjustment in place.
Now after several months of use the 1.250" plastic band snapped. I cannot believe it!
It is now being held together with duct tape.
Does anyone know who manufactures these sun hats.

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Good question! I have 2 of these hats with the plastic head band and like you I have duct tape holding them togeather. I don't find that plastic real comfortable on my bald head either. I like the square veil with this type hat but would sure be interested in finding a quality one without the plastic head band.

Are you thinking of this style hat available from Dadant?
Thats the one. I dislike the headband in them. Uncomfortable and brittle.
Yes Rader that is the type of hat but it is not the hat that I have.
My hat has a total of 17 eyelets. Four of them have hooks to hold down the top of the veil to the crown of the hat. Four other eylets anchor the adjustable head band to the hat. The other 11 do nothing.
I wood like to obtain a replacement head band as it replaces easlily.

Mmiller, I do remember before wearing the hat for the first time of lightly sanding down the sharp edges of the plastic band and that made it comfortable.

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