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Adding young bees to strength the Nuc

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For the first time i reared 7 queens from 14 cells cups
by the Doolitle method and made 5 more new Nucs from them.

Is it recommend to add young bees to a relative new weak Nuc
while the new queen should be emerged or emerged already?

Can the young bees kill the virgin queen or destroy the queen cell?

Thanks alot
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It is common almost necessary to add young bees to cell builder hives, they can only help your situation.
Adding a frame of sealed brood is a good way to bolster the nuc's population.
Thanks for the answer.

It is not a cell builder. I moved the capped queen cells to a new Nucs, so they will emerged in a day or two.

Can young bees from another hive in this situation will kill the virgin queen or destroy the cell?
Adding a frame of eggs/brood + clinging nurses every week or so until you see brood is good insurance against mishaps to the new queen. If the new queen is successful they will help the nuc to get off to a good start by preventing a gap in the age classes.
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