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Central Texas

I have several double deeps that have strong populations (bees covering most all drawn comb). But, not all comb is currently being used by either brood or stores. I have begun feeding to get the weights up as they are blowing through their stores. Example: feeder, empty, empty, pollen/brood, brood, brood, brood/pollen, empty. But, all 8 frames have bees on them.

My question is this:
I do have plans to pull some nucs/splits, but I prefer to use mated queens (which aren't going to be available for 1-2 months). So right now, I am managing space for swarming.

1) Do I wait to add space (medium honey supers) until all the comb is actually being used? Or do I do it now?
2) I need to keep feeding until flow starts, which is a no-no when supers go on. Thoughts?
3) Anything else I'm missing?
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