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Where to add a new fram w/foundation to a hive, it kinda depends on why you are adding the frame. Are you adding to the hive to expand it from a nuc, or are you culling old frames.

If all I'm doing is adding a few frames to cull out the old I will put the frame into the center of the brood nest. I have found that the bees will draw it out faster. It also seems that the frame will be drawn out better or with less defects.

If I'm expanding a nuc or something like it I may still add a frame into the middle of the brood nest but most will be devided, half going to one side the other half going to the other. If you try and add too many empty frames into the middle you will only hirt the hive by "splitting" it inside the box. I may come back in the next week or so when the new frame in the middle has been drawn, and take a frame w/foundation from the side and put into the middle.

This does tax the bees. An empty frame in the middle of the brood nest is not what they want. This will cause them to draw it out during times of the year when they normaly would not. If this is the case they may have to be fed. Drawing foundation cost the hive in the form of honey. I think it's 6lb for honey for 1lb of wax. Trying to make the hive draw out foundation at the wrong time of year may cause the hive to eat into the winter stores or your crop!


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I agree with BB it depends on your intent. I try NOT to break up a brood nest for most purposes, but if you want to regress and get them to draw small cells, they will do this best in the middle of the brood nest. I'd say it's less stress for a strong hive than a weak one.
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