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Adding honey filled deeps/supers

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Hello again,

Well, when going through the equipment I have gotten so far, I have found a deep thats chock full of honey, and a med thats just as stuffed. All caped. I don't know how old it is, but, it has been sitting around at lest a couple of weeks in the rain and outside. My question, should I just give it to the hive? Let them go over it, make sure its usable sorta thing, or should I atempt to extract it? If I extract, I do have to point out that i have no extracting equipment at all.
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I would put it on the bees for now. If nothing else, they will help keep it from getting infested with pests if it hasn't already and will help rid it of any pests that it may already have.

Honey doesn't really "go bad" but I don't think I would want to just go ahead and eat honey that's been sittin gin the rain and been pest-handled by who knows what. Let the bees have it for now, you can always harvest it later when you harvest the rest of your crop. How come you didn't notice that the supers weighed 50-60 Lbs?

Scot Mc Pherson
Foundationless Small Cell Top Bar Hives
I would give it to the bees. It's been rained on so it may be too wet now for good honey for people, but the bees will know what to do with it.
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