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adding adult bees to a package after install

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I got a package on the 4th of this month and lost my queen...added a couple queen cells last week and they are busy drawing comb and foraging...etc...only problem is that by the time the queen starts laying and new brood needs warming/fed, most of my bees from the package will be dead already....I have a guy who's gonna sell me a couple pounds of bees to add to that hive, so can someone tell me how to use a snelgrove board and/or newspaper to add two or three pounds of adult bees to the hive without freakin' out the new queen and causing a disruption???

I really wanna save this hive, cause I'm gettin' another three pound package next Friday for install...
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need 2 boxes, one for each colony, put a box on top of the other with a newspaper sheet in middle, put your innercover and top cover and walk away, leave them alone for a week and they will brake the paper and live for ever together happy after. If you don't open it up in 2 months there won't be a trace of the paper. Guaranteed.
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