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I live in central Georgia and expect the fall flow to start in a few weeks. My bees are currently next to cotton and are pulling in a lot of nectar from it. Most of my hives are singles and I know I can successfully overwinter them here just as they are; however, I'd like to double most of them this fall in order to make multiple splits in the spring. I have added doubles on a few hives this past week and they are already building out the comb and filing it with brood, honey, and pollen (4 frames in each are fully drawn without me feeding them).
So to my actual question. Can I add a second hive body between my existing hive bodies and supers or do I need to pull supers before I add a big gap with a second hive body? Second hive body will have new foundation and I will pull two frames up from first hive body. I really don't want to pull supers off yet because most aren't capped but I don't want to wait to long and miss the chance for them to draw and fill the second hive box. Plus I still stand to get a couple more supers drawn and filled in the next month or two.
For those worried it's already to late to add a second box, it's not. Last year I added a second hive body on a box, with only foundation, the second week of September and they filled it up just on the second half of the fall flow.
This is my first post but I have been glued to this forum for a while. I'm in my second year and have gone from 5 hives last year to 23 as of today. I'd like to add a bunch more next year and I believe that taking full advantage of this fall flow is the key for me.
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