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Add salt to your bees water supply

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I have set up a small pond area in my bee yard nice and close. Does anyone add salt or other things to the water (not sugar water) to your bees water supply?
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How big is your pond?

I put a few tablespoons of salt and about 1 of honey into a 5 gallon bucket. Between these additions and keeping the water warm I have been able to keep bees out of my neighbors hot tub.

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What @ JConnolly said. Unless you are trying to get them to avoid a neighbors pool or hot tub, do not add anything and do not clean. The skunkier the better. J
Ugg my dam cat does that.

When I had chickens I had a very small waterer, the red bottom kind. I put in rocks all around the inside because Bees were coming to drink out of it in the yard.
I didn't mind but the hens would eat the bees so I put it higher up where the Hens couldn't get to it.
You don't need to add anything just keep water in it.
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