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acceptable temps for in-hive feeding? Best logistics?

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In eastern NC it's been fairly cold (but sunny) lately; I refrained from feeding my Girls the 2:1 in their hives -- didn't want to compromise any larvae with cold-exposure.

OK: today has gone into the 60's (OK to open the hives briefly with that, I think), but .... there's intermittent rain. I'm sure the Girls wouldn't like to be disturbed now, but after today we're back to sunny-but-cold.

What's the best way to go with this? Should I risk not feeding them? Or ... take a chance on getting chow to 'em even if they lose a blanket of needed warm air?!

Thx for any feedback .....
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Bees will not take surup under 50 degrees. If you get lucky they will right above the cluster. Through the inner cover.
Mitch, I am still feeding my nucs using mason jars over a hole in the inner cover and a 5 frame super on top. I have styrofoam hivetop feeders on all the full-sized hives which will stay there all winter long. They serve as feeders on warm winter days and insulation on the cold days. This setup brought me through last winter with zero losses.
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