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Absconded again!

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I am in need of ideas or explanations.
I have had a second package of bees abscond.
I do not know what I am doing wrong, but it must be something. Please advise if you can.

I installed my new package in TBH on Sunday, late afternoon. Gave them 1:1 syrup sw with HBH and a pollen patty.
Left them alone until today.
Today I removed the queen cage, she had been released by the bees.
Gave them a piece of empty starter comb from my other hive to get started with.
Closed up the hive.
Just checked 4 hours later, They are gone!

These are a few pictures one of the hive and one of the cage. I know if I did not get this cage out it would have been trouble leading to messed up comb.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Disappointed in Virginia :cry:
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the bottem was open. that for shure was the problem. every tbh that i have seen abscound this spring, had the bottem fully open. close it up and ill bet thay stay. could be other things that made them leave but ill bet money it was the bottem. think of a package like a swarm. if the home you put them dosent suite them thay have no reason to stay since thier is no recources thier to protect. make it nice and dark with a small entrance to defend and chances are thay will stay. good luck
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