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Abnormal Comb

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My bees have been in the hive for 11 days. The comb in most every hive is getting laid perpendicular to the frame in long columns. The space between the frames is getting filled with comb. When you pull out a frame the two frames need to be pried apart and the the comb just barely hangs on at the top of the frame. The comb is not getting attached to the imprinted comb on the plastic. The plastic combs were coated with beeswax and I sprayed them with sugar water before I installed the bees. What do I do now? The hives are also level.
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personally I think the problem is the plastic frames in a new hive. They may be ok to slip into an established hive but then I've never used them, all I ever use is the duragilt wax coated plastic with metal edges.
Getting foundation drawn well isn't alway easy, there will be some frames that will be culled out over time. If they screw up the foundation and you scrap it off they'll just make that spot drone comb and maybe the rest of the sheet will be better. If all your gear is all deep supers I'd put a few frames of duragilt in the brood box, but then you referred to it as honey supers...are the mediums. Mediums will work too - give the bees their choice maybe.
If it worked for pine-ridge I'd try his idea, but then again oldbee may have a point that the weather is contributing to their not setting up house the way we would like.
It just doesn't alway go by the way the book says - and even less often as the advertising said it would :cry:
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