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On Saturday around Noon, I decided to go out and see what was happening with my 2 hives, started in May 2009 as Nucs.

I was very pleased to see a veritable tornado of bees coming and going on cleansing flights -- hundreds of them out flying about, even though it was only around 40 degrees. And, a big yellow mess all over the snow, but good to see anyway.

They had hauled maybe 1/3 cup (estimating) of dead bees out of each hive.

They are also hauling dry sugar out, from my "Mountain Camp" attempt last year. I don't know if they like it or not, but I do think it must have contributed to their winter survival, since their stores were quite low last fall.

I also fed them each a quart of syrup with Fumigilin-B in it on Saturday. This was gone by yesterday mid-afternoon, so I gave them another quart.

I was quite relieved to see them make it. Back in the 1990's, I lost multiple hives several times. I gave up on bees after losing all 15 of my hives in the late winter of 1995.

Now, a question -- is it too early to give them pollen substitute? I bought some pre-made patties from Dadant.

Also, does anyone know the proper way to store these patties, and how long they can be kept? They are the Brood Builder with Honey-B-Healthy patties.
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