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a quick question

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My hives are set up as a deep and a medium for brood boxes. Just looked today and we have a hive with the medium just about capped and no brood in it. We do have brood in the deep and some stores around the frames.

So my question... Can I take 5 of the 10 mediums for honey? We had a poor year last yr and I need some. We are having low humidity here.. 35-40% which is rare but I think that has helped them get it capped.

Take or dont take, this is the question
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I'm not totally familiar with the climate in your area, but I would think you should be able to extract from half of the frames without any problem. It's early enough in the year that they should refill them very quickly. If you add another honey super, you should be able to get them to fill that or more before the end of the nectar flow. Just make sure you have at least a deep and a medium full of stores going into next winter.
Sure, it's early and they sound strong enough to lose it. Take the most fully capped frames and enjoy.
take it,give them some empties and they will probably give you more :)
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