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a question on seasons

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Just a quick question for any of you Northern Hemisphere beekeepers what part of your season are you into now?
For example here in NZ we pollinate apples in earlish spring which is late September what month do you pollinate apples?
We do Boysenberries in October and kiwifruit in November then out to the honey with the flow being from late November through to February or later if we are after honeydew.
so what are the time lines for your operations?
It would be good to have a better feel for what stage you are at in your beekeeping year.
Ta Much
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We are getting ready for blackberry and various flowering tree flows. So I estinmate around your October.
Here in northern WY we've currently got apples and pears (though I haven't seen a single bee on our pear tree). Not that we have commercial orchards around here- jsut what people grow in thier yards or perhaps a small personal orchard if someone has room. Our other big nectar flow is the alfalfa which blooms June-September. I guess honeybees don't actaully pollinate alfalfa- just collect the nectar. It is pollinated by cutter bees. Now that I think about it we really don't have much crop pollination in this area- except for the fruit trees in the spring.

I think that the US has so many different climate variations you will get a lot of different answers.

Just a quick question for any of you Northern Hemisphere beekeepers... Snip
That's a fairly wide net your casting, it includes: the entirety of Europe, North America, the majority of Asia, and more than half of Africa, and part of South America.

You may receive several replies to your posting.
Bee Curious,
I was hoping for several replies from a range of countries.
But you didn't say anything about yours?
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