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A lot of honey already

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This is my second year so I have nothing to compare it to but it seems my original hive has a lot of honey. The hive consists of two deep supers and I added a medium about two weeks ago. The new medium super is completely drawn except for the outer surface of the outer frames and they are filling with honey like crazy. The deep below it is so heavy I can't believe it. During inspection it only has two center frames of brood the rest capped honey. I don't know whats going on in the bottom super as the colony got really cranky at me so I put everything back together. Is this normal and can I harvest a bit before fall just to test it out?
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Very cool, I am jealous. When the queen runs out of places to lay she will leave (look up backfilled brood nest). Pull some of the frames and give her someplace to lay (drawn or maybe some foundation). Extract some, enjoy your bounty to assist in this if you like, just do not get extreme.
Bees need twice as much room to store nectar as they do to store honey. I bet your bees are out of room already! If it were me, I would smoke that hive well, set the super and top brood box off and check for swarm cells. Do not start destroying cells until you find evidence your queen is still laying actively. Personally I would extract those capped honey frames in the upper brood box to give those bees room. Another super or two if you don't want to do that. For goodness sakes take some honey! It is not sinful or immoral, it Is why people keep bees.
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