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A Frame of mine after the supercedure

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Here is one frame, on month after the overthrow.
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Here are my questions about this frame :)
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Drones; yes normal and good. Why is there so much space under frame? Bottom box?
Pollen; Looks normal, using a lot also.
Yes, hatching worker, Once a frame gets patchy from prior queen it will stay that way for the rest of the season. Looks fine.

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Once that frame is "spotty" it tends to stay that way unless they cut way back on brood for some reason. Those late emerging bees keep the queen from laying a solid pattern, but it's not a bad thing. I notice there are larvae in most of the "holes" so she's bunging an egg in there, just not in sequence.

The screen on a screened bottom board should be the same distance from the comb a solid bottom board would be, that is, less than an inch away from the bottom of the frames. If it's lower, they will build comb down from the bottom bar.

If you have a two slot base, remember that the screen goes on TOP, with the sticky underneath!

Take a look on some frames that were not in use for brood before the supercedure, and I suspect you will find a more complete brood pattern.

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