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A few questions

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First off I installed my bee yesterday around 2 or 3 pm, i checked on them this morning around 10am they were up and about and very active around the entrance. With me being new i do not know what they where doing but they seemed like they where randomly flying around there was still a small cluster still in the package so i am going to leave the package there for another nite. the sugar water i gave them last nite wasnt gone i was expecting it to be gone and another thing i noticed is they pooped a fair amount on the bee suit the hive i am taking that they did that because they were in the package for a bit, but the sugar water not being gone is that normal? and the queen has no attendences with her is that normal? I am thinking of going to take a drive up to where i have them and see how they are doingwith the sugar water.
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vance that is what i was thinking, that A i am bothering them to much and B they r going for more natrual food. I will have to check one more time tommorrow to see if the queen is out after that i will leave them alone for a week if not longer.
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