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a different way to extract honey

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I heard of this idea from a old guy that has bees in his shed on his property.

To extract honey slowly heat up the entire combs with honey, the wax floats to the top. Then you have honey on the bottom. Take off the wax at the top. Then strain the honey to get out whatever impurities. This seems faster and better then crush and strain.
What do you guys think?

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I think its always good to look at new ways. That would be a great way to get the honey out of old comb or maybe cappings. But wax melts at around 140 and heating honey to that temp is not good for the honey. Just my thoughts.

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My Grandma's brother used to extract honey this way in a cake pan on low heat in the oven.

The honey darkens from the heat, and the temperatures start hurting enzymes.

What you end up with is melter honey - baking grade honey. It's not what is normally accepted as table grade honey. It is still sweet and great for using in baking though.
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