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I use screened shims so I can peek inside the hives without disturbing anything. I constructed them so there's about 2 inches or so between the screen and the top of the frames. I'm also using a screened bottom.

One of my nucs has recently produced a virgin queen (emerged June 29). This morning--75+ degrees--there was a large cluster about the size of two fists between the top of the frames and the screen. No burr comb, just bees.

There are a lot of bees in this nuc, but not to the point of overcrowding. Any reason for them to be clustering like this? Could they be surrounding the new queen as if in a swarm cluster because that's sure what it looks like.

I want to expand this nuc to a full 10 frame, but not until the queen gets established. Now I'm not so sure I should wait.

Any suggestions?
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