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No, not that kind.

I know this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find a serious discussion of it. (Like I'm going to get a serious discussion after posting my title)

We've had a series of days of strong winds here. Reasonably sunny and warm, but winds of about 15 to 20 mph with gusts of well over 30 mph. My bees seem to be buzzing around outside, but I'm wondering if they are really accomplishing anything. The foliage is blowing around so much I can't see how they can work the flowers. When they come back to the hive, many if not most have to make 2 or three attempts before they can get on the landing board.

I know the wind always blows in the Dakotas and and on south through the plains. Do any of you folks have a rule of thumb for when it's so windy the bees can't productively forage?

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No your bees are not flying... Or at least that is what the book says :D
It says 12mph is enough to stop flight. Obviously it may have in a lab but in reality it doesn't.
Imagine bees that refuse to fly if there is wind lol.

Anyway - Are their hives protected? A wind break will really help them landing and taking off.
I would assume the only way to really know if your bees are working in the wind is to examine what they are doing. Is there any amount of pollen on them? See them on any flowers?

Airplanes can land and take off in high winds - The bee is built a lot better for this work :)

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