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9 frame supers need pulling under 8 spacers

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All my pulled supers are spaced 8 frame but I need to pull out 200 boxes of 9 frame plastic. Just put them under or pull out a frame to make a path? Maybe I got overthinking going on, we all do at times.
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Put the supers of foundations on top of the surplus honey supers you have on now. There is no need to "make a path" for the bees, they will move up with no problems.

In honey supers you can often get foundations drawn correctly with only 9 frame per box, but the bees will often put comb between frames joining them together, or they will make very fat and skinny frames side by side. The frames are usually drawn better by starting 10 frames and removing one when the frames are almost completely drawn. If time is a factor in going back to remove one frame or if the supers have 9 frame spacers installed, then I would just go with 9 frames and re-draw any bad frames at a later time.
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