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7-5/8" Medium Supers and 7-1/4" Frames

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I know a number of commercial folks are using the 7-5/8 medium super exclusively. Does anyone other than Mann Lake produce the 7-1/4" frames (wood)? I have been unable to locate another supplier. Initially I thought Dadant would supply these but unfortunately the people I spoke to had no idea that a frame was made in that size :eek:.

Also, I know plastic foundation is made in this size but who is producing pure wax foundation in this size (if anyone)?

Thanks beeks.
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Western Wood Products, I believe owned by Dadant, will make the 7 1/4" frames.
I don't think Dadant owns Western, but I think Dadant gets all their woodware from them.I could be wrong though...
Try western bee in polsent montana and manalake
I buy my box from langston honey supply in Burlington wa
We've been making 7 5/8" supers and 7 1/4 frames to go along with them forever. Both are available in our online store. We also try to stock foundation for the frames - both beeswax and Plasticell. I think I'm out of 6 5/8" plasticell at the moment though.

Western Bee
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