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6 1/4 6.0 supercell black honey frame?

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Does anyone have experience with these 6.0 supercell frames?

"These are 6 1/4 supercell black honey frames. These frames are made for maximum honey production with the 6.0 drones cell. These are very heavy duty frames with steel reinforcement. These frames are for honey production only, and can be ran without queen excluder. They have a dot in the center of each cell to prevent the queen from laying in the cell. "

The only place to date I've seen them is on ebay, couldn't find any other information in searchs. Searches kept pullin gup the 4.8-4.9 but not these. I use a queen excluder, so I'm interested in maybe running these in supers without a queen excluder. Any information would be appreciated.
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I sent you info via pm..the guy who had these frames made is Max Hamby. If anyone else wants contact info just pm me an i'll give you what I have..:)
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