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50 Double Deep hives for sale

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50 hives for sale
They are 10 frame double deeps on bottom boards,heavy and full of bees with low mite counts,ready to overwinter. These bees have queens from 2018 and 2019, mostly NWC and Ontario Buckfast.

They are $250 ea. for all 50, negotiate for less than 50.

Greg Griswold
Champion Hill Farm
200 S Marshall rd
Beulah MI 49617
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I've received no response so far to this ad,obviously most people buy bees in the spring, not in the fall unless you can move them to a warmer climate to split or for almonds. I will overwinter these hives and have them for sale in the spring but the price will change (^^^),as double deeps, or split into singles/nucs if needed.

you can contact me with questions ,etc. at [email protected] or 231-651-0682
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