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Im new to beekeeping and using the time to catch swarms, observe and talk to my other keepers but I am really stumped on this one.

The hive has varying stages of all kinds of things, some sparse brood(I think?), sparse drone (for sure...)
cells with a CRAZY number of eggs, then a whole ton of cells with beautiful single egg pattern. my check this week (yesterday) revealed what I think is a supersedure cell so im wondering, what would you all divine from this?

Do I have a laying worker?

An old queen?

A new, very unskilled queen?

Im stumped! They for sure gave me the hardest comb to read!
And thanks in advanced, I'm trying my best to do as much reading as I can, but everything seems so conflicting!


How things started... not so hot (the bees did NOT clean up the eggs after sitting there for a week, but many of them shriveled up and obviously became nothing.

What things look like now...

the single supersedure cell

and my two SUSPECT queens. though my bees... they all have longer bodies, its very frustrating and bizarre hah
contestant one
Contestant two
queen 2.jpg

All of these pictures are from the same inspection day.
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