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5 frame nuc needs room

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Ok a couple weeks ago I was worried about not seeing brood, now I'm worried about no room. Right now I can't afford to go out and buy another box and frames, but the nuc was bearding today and the frames were still covered when I opened the box. Lots of bees coming and going, all 5 frames were fully drawn out and full of either brood or honey (some of it was even capped). So here is my solution... I have some 6 5/8 frames and some 7" lumber. I built a mini-super and plan on putting it on top of the deep nuc tomorrow.

Will this buy me some time? I plan on expanding them next month when I can afford to buy more frames and boxes. Or am I just creating trouble?:s

I live directly across from soybean and cotton feilds that have recieved alot of rain lately.
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I have not personally done it but it will work fine. But it will only be ok for another couple of weeks. After that the whole thing will be overflowing.
Yes, that's kinda what I was thinking. These bees have been in the nuc for 2 weeks and 5 days, so I'm pretty happy with them. I can put together another mini-super if I need to, but I don't have wide enough lumber to put together a deep nuc box. :(
yep, I have done that, and when you move those bees to 2 new boxes (you will need a deep and a med, they will take off!
A lot of my five frame nuc's have "top boxes". I use them all the time. They can be used to overwinter and also to buy time, as you're doing. I usually make one top nuc box for every three nuc's I make.
Thanks! I put the "mini-super" on this morning and the bees seemed to start exploring it really quickly. I will check them next week to see how they are doing in there.
That's exactly what I did on my nuc:

My 9-year-old son did the design of the bee on the super.
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Nice artwork :) Mine are plain white, but I bet my daughter would decorate them for me if I asked!
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