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LOT OF TEN MINIMUM @ $165 per nuc free delivery included within 650 miles of Gautier MS 39553. We do not deliver to Florida.
Or $145 per nuc picked-up in Gautier MS.

Delivery and pickup begins the week of April 14, 2019.
No nuc box deposit needed, no frame exchange needed.
These are sold on a first come first served basis.

Each 5 frame nuc comes with 4 fully drawn medium frames of wired natural drawn comb from treatment-free and smokeless apiaries, a mated *VSH Italian queen, lots of bees, brood, food, and a JESTER EZ NUC BOX that is yours to keep.

We are Mississippi State Certified Beekeepers;
(First page, right hand column second from top.)

Pick-up individual nucs at our Mississippi Gulf Coast apiaries $145 each with $75 deposit and $70 in cash only due at pick-up.

Payment for LOT OF 10 with limited delivery;
via cash or check.....$1650
via Pay-pal..............$1710

We accept 50% deposit to hold your delivered nucs and your place in line.
The remaining 50% balance is due by January 31st 2019. No refunds after February 1st 2019.
We must have payment in full before we drive out with bees.

See our other sales on;
Ebay sales click here.
Our shop,

For details/logistics or to plan a visit call 5One2-887-8One33 or 228-Six23-339Six , leave message or text.
We do not answer unknown numbers.

Submit cash or check payment to;
Please call us before you visit.

Email and Pay-pal payment to;
[email protected]

Free delivery included ONLY for lot of 10 minimum, delivered within 650 miles of Gautier MS. We do not deliver to Florida.

You will need wooden-ware (a hive) to move the frames of bees into as soon as possible.The nuc box is considered very temporary, especially during spring build-up.

Any questions will be happily answered!

Thank you

*VSH stands for Varroa Sensitive Hygiene, a naturally occurring hygienic behavior of honeybees whereby the worker bees detect female varroa mites that go into oviposition, they then uncap and remove the varroa mite infested brood. Breaking this vector in the reproductive cycle of the varroa mite drastically limits their population growth and often eliminates the need for any miticide treatments.
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