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Asking $1,500. Produced in the USA by expert craftsmen Myron Kropf out of Arkansas around 2013/14.
I specified a custom lead-free alloy for the rollers. Sadly, I wasn't able to put it to use since we closed our apiaries a year ago.

It was encased and mounted by myself.

It's very heavy...I estimate around 80 lbs, and will likely have to ship freight.
Asking price does not include shipping and buyer is responsible for that.
I'm guessing it might cost at least $200 to ship given the weight...who knows.
I'll get to work on figuring out packaging and shipping if an interested buyer surfaces.

Trying to PM me here may not work since I'm not on Beesource much, and I'm not sure if I'll get an email notifying me someone PMd. So feel free to text or call (please not after 6pm AZ time) at 520.6zero3.18zero4 and we can go from there.

Sorry for the image rotation...couldn't figure that out.

Tool accessory
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