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Hi, All! So far my experiences with beekeeping was an interesting and weird one. So many things have happened to me already.
Day 1) I was trying to put 2 Cordovan queens I bought into their hives in my bee yard. These queens were inside their small wooden boxes with attendants. The first queen got put into a plastic bag to hold her temporarily while I took all the attendants into the hive. I came back a few feet away to caged the queen and put her in a small jzbz plastic cage. Then I placed her into hive A.
Then I proceeded to hive the 2nd queen by first releasing her into the plastic bag just like the first queen was. After releasing all the attendants into the hive, I came back and found that the queen was missing. No where to be found. I was not happy at all blaming myself for making such a careless mistake. I discovered that there was a small hole on the bag that this queen might of gotten out of.
Disappointed, my $26 dollars queen just flew away I thought. That was it, she was gone for sure! No orientation flight from any hive so she was gone.
On day 2) I was inspecting all my hives to see how the queens was doing. All the queens was in their own small plastic jzbz cage.
Surprisingly, in hive B I found the missing marked queen that flew away yesterday. She got balled somewhat by the worker bees in this hive. Yaay, my queen came back again. But how I thought? I then put her inside a small plastic cage to hold her while trying to put her inside hive C which was queen less now. When I tried to take the queen into the hive she flew away again out of the small hole of the cage right in front of me. Clumsy of me I thought. How could I do this again? This same queen that flew away from the plastic bag yesterday did it to me again. How careless of me to handle her again in the same bee yard. Dawn! I cuzzed at myself for making the same mistakes again to let her flew away. Then I figured, oh well, just another $26 dollars that was it. Here she goes again. Maybe she was gone for sure this time. So I put another queen inside a cage for hive C.
On the 3rd day, I did another round of hive inspection to check on all the queens again to see if they were o.k.
Ahh haa! I found this queen again that flew away yesterday. The same marked queen that got inside hive C, somehow. How could she made it back without taking any orientation flight when she just flew straight off my hands yesterday? It was this same hive C that I inspected. This was amazing! She came back again. How I thought?
What a surprise!!! My $26 dollars queen got back to me again. Surprise, surprise!
This time I was determined to not let her fly away again, I grabbed her by the wing with a small tweezers and put her inside the small plastic jzbz cage to hold her. I then took a frame of emerging bees after brushing off the attached bees to put her in wrapped in #8 window screen hardware cloth all around the frame. Of course, catching these new bees took awhile to put inside the wired frame. Then I put her inside hive C and took out the other caged queen into another hive D.
The reason I put these queens inside a wired frame was the older worker bees kept on balling them. I'm hoping to get better acceptance in a few days if the new queens are laying again. Hopefully these emergency wired frames will work this time.

Anybody has this kind of experience before?

#8 emergency wired frame:


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