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3rd week inspection

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Hived a swarm 3 weeks ago, inspected yesterday and WOW.
The gals are in a medium super and have it just about full and have started on the second super. What I found interesting: I started them in a bait hive with 3 rubber banded partial comb frames, these are completely drawn out and full of brood/honey/etc., next there is a mix of foundationless frames (weg-top), some of the best looking comb I've seen, then on a couple of ALL plastic frames with the center cut out leaving about a 1/4" strip of plastic and they have pulled it about completely out, what is interesting here, is that prior to cutting out the center other hives would have nothing to do with the all plastic frames and finally there are several wood frames with plastic fooundation (some partially drawn), the gals are leaving them alone for the time being even being inbetween frameless frames.
Just an obseervation. As for the WHYs-so what, just loving the results:D