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Captured this little beauty while I was supposed to be having a BBQ with my father-in-law. Guy called and seeing it was about 1/4 mile from his house I couldn't say no.

I bounced down to a local guy to borrow a box and right there in his equipment shed was the 4th!

I got pictures of the first. The second one I hived for the local guy.

Enjoy! PS... Tuesday is going to find me scrambling like mad to make more woodenware. I am OUT of stock and I have bees needing a larger home. Hopefully I can put some together Tues and have them going by Wed. AM.

I took my time and used a hair clip to capture queen. She is nesting in between the one piece of old comb that I provided and the next plastic foundationed frame. I figure on releasing her tomorrow evening toward dark. Looks to me to be a bred queen (abdomen is fuzzy) I will throw a picture of her up before I release her tomorrow.

Take care
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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