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30lb pails

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Good day,

It`s been a great summer so far up here in Ottawa and I`m looking forward to a good harvest. The girls are just finishing up the golden rod and purple loose strife.

So I got myself some plastic 30lb pails from various places (restaurants, bakery, etc). These are the vessels I`m going to store my honey in. They`re sturdy, have a good seal and best of all they were free. The only problem is some of them have a bit of a smell. Some had peanut butter in them before, others muffin mix and so on, and no matter how much I wash them and air them out, they still have a smell. I`m wondering if this smell will get transferred to my honey.

What do you think?

Thanks to all that reply and i hope everyone is having a good year.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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