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3 Week old Nuc & Queen out of the Hive!

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I got a nuc 3 weeks ago & have been checking on the bees weekly.

Last week (well, about 10 days ago), they had drawn 1 side of 2 frames, so not a lot (they came on 5 medium frames & I had 5 empty frames in there).

Today, I checked on them & they were full to capacity. I came to the house to get another box with empty frames & when I went back, the queen was on the grass. There was also a significant amount of bees on the face of the hive (maybe 100-200).

I put her in a jar & called my supplier & he told me to put her back in the hive, so I did. The bees had already moved up into the new box & were on almost all of the frames.

I know I waited too long to add the second box, but I wasn't anticipating that much growth that quickly, oops!

What should I watch for? Why would she have been out of the hive? She laid a ton of eggs in the few minutes she was in the jar.

Were they getting ready to swarm? Did I disturb them too much with my inspection? (I only took the cover off, smoked lightly, lifted 2 frames & replaced kids and I did sample some of the honey that was dripping from the comb attached to the inner cover).

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My guess is she was clinging to a frame and dropped off as you were looking.
Yes, Hawkster, that's what I think, too, now that I thought about it for a while.

Harley Craig, she laid several eggs in the jar, maybe 10 or so. She was only in there for like maybe 5 minutes. Is it really weird??
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