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So first off I want to say hello to everyone since I am new here and am sure you all have a ton of knowledge that I look forward to learning. now on to my question I have a new package of Italians. they have been in the hive for about 3 weeks they have since gotten about 2-3 super with some capped brood. I have been feeding them 1:1 sugar syrup to get them going. I had 4 supers with comb already that I started them on so I think that may have helped them get a start. but today I go out and check them and when I pulled one of my supers I found this. anyone that can assist me in verifying if this is a swarm cell or is it just bur comb? I am thinking it is bur comb and as far as I seen it is the only one in the hive. I would just like some reassurance lol. and thanks in advance for any help.


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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