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3 week old bee package question

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So first off I want to say hello to everyone since I am new here and am sure you all have a ton of knowledge that I look forward to learning. now on to my question I have a new package of Italians. they have been in the hive for about 3 weeks they have since gotten about 2-3 super with some capped brood. I have been feeding them 1:1 sugar syrup to get them going. I had 4 supers with comb already that I started them on so I think that may have helped them get a start. but today I go out and check them and when I pulled one of my supers I found this. anyone that can assist me in verifying if this is a swarm cell or is it just bur comb? I am thinking it is bur comb and as far as I seen it is the only one in the hive. I would just like some reassurance lol. and thanks in advance for any help.


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Welcome to beekeeping Gnomepunter! What you are looking at is just some bur comb, no queen cells. Queen cells are hollow on the inside and would contain an egg or some larva. Also, just because it was confusing at first, I think you might be getting frame and super mixed up. A super is a box of 10 frames (or 8 or 5 depending on the box size) that we put on top of the brood chamber to collect honey. The individual wooden things that you pull out to look at the bees are called frames, not supers. Keep feeding them that 1:1!
Welcome to Beesource, Gnomepunter. I am sure there is a story behind your handle ;).

Sounds like your colony is progressing well.

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