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3 week inspection - trouble?

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Just inspected my hive. 7 of the 10 frames are built out, more or less. So i decided not to add the second box just yet.

There's lots of eggs and larva. Still havent seen the queen though

Im seeing open cells, usually around the edge of the frame, that are brown or reddish and look like they have crumbly stuff inside. I looked through my books, but not sure what this is or if i should be worried?

The only thing that sounded close was foul brood - i hope not!
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Its pollen. they will keep it close to the brood so that they can feed the larvae. I have seen it in a myriad of are OK. When checking your hive, stop looking for the queen and look for eggs in the dead center of the cells. You may have to turn it toward the sun to see. If you are seeing eggs, her heiness is in there somewhere or has been within the last couple of days. I know how you feel, just watch and let the bees teach you. I missed a pretty queen the other day because her butt was in the cells more than it was out...which is a great problem to have at this point!!!
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