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Well I should be getting my bees this week so I wanted to look at another persons hive and get familiar with opening up hives. My ex father in law told me that I could come look at his 3 hives. He is an oldtimer and doesn't have a lot of experience as far as techniques of bee keeping but he knows a little about extracting honey and hive beetles and such. He told me he has never saw a queen in his hives and he never takes frames out of his brooder boxes!:-0 well I told him he needed to look and his hives to look at the health of them.

Sooooo we opened up all his his brood boxes and looked at every frame. One good thing is I found every queen!!!!!! I was so happy!! She just stood out like a sore thumb. It was fairly easy. In all of his boxes the queen was on the 3rd frame from the end.

I found one thing disturbing in one hive. It had lots of bees and no honey stores or brood. And some of the comb was sunk in and dark. I was going to do a string test to see if it might be afb disease. The comb was all dried up so I could not do it. It could have been just old comb not sure. I forgot to take pics sorry. Another thing was there were a lot of queen cells. Since I found the queen I pulled them all off. Only one was closed but the queen inside was dead. The reast looked liked they hatched and so the queen in this one was a new queen. She wAs a little small. He said that this hive was very aggressive a month ago but we opened it up and it was not aggressive at all.

Well that's all for now! Sorry for all the rambling!!:) just talking about the first day of bee keeping for me. It has really pumped me up and I know this will be a life long adventure for me!!:)

Talk to ya later
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