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3 FOR 3 and winter temperment

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checked the hives today, it was 6 celcius by the local weather site. The sun was out and the bees were too. All 3 hives had bees buzing around the entrances. Similar to a summer day almost on one of them, the others were some what reduced from that level. I saw a few bees as far away ass 150 feet flying around and crawling on tree branches. when i got a little closer (25 feet or so a couple buzzed me and landed on my sweater. I brushed/swated them off and made for the hills as i wasn't expecting it and wasn't sure on what their temperment might be this time of year. Would it be similar to summer and no really worry or would they be fairly defensive?

I probably should have checked the hives for weight but had a busy day. Its suppsoed to be nice later this week. If i think they are light whats the best method this time of year, syrup in inverted feeder buckets or dry sugar on newspaper on the top frames? I would think it would be a good month and a half or more until there would be much for them to forage on.
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I've never found that temps play a big role in temperament. I have one colony that's pretty cranky whenever I open the top. I had forgotten about that until last Saturday. I popped the tops on each hive and took a quick peek. When I got to the cranky one, I had a bunch of bees "greet" me. That's when I remembered how they were!

Bees need fairly warm temps to use syrup so I would probably opt for dry sugar or candy boards / fondant right about least for a while.
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