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Ordered 2 nuc colonies this spring. Arrived on July 17.
Came with complete hives (lid, bottom board, box) plus 4 frames of brood w/queen, 1 frame honey, 1 in hive feeder, 4 new frames.

I removed empty feeder next day and replaced with empty frame. Box almost full therefore added another deep brood box to both.

July 30 - One hive swarmed. Caught swarm in box, started new box away from original.

Aug 2 - Added medium honey super to good hive since 7/10 frames full on 2nd deep.

Aug 26 - Second hive swarmed. Haven't caught yet (very high).

Inspected original swarm that I caught on July 30. No queen. 7 frames of just honey and comb.

Question: Can I place the original swarm hive (all honey now) back on its original hive?
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