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2nd swarm

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had swarm number two today from same hive that had a swarm last Friday, caught it too...need more
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Welcome to the addiction of woodenware, lol.

Did a split on my double brood box this spring. Had several peanuts goin in there so did 2 instead. Didnt see queen go in first split because she had shut down three days earlier. Was 3 states away when double swarmed and talked momma through it over the phone. She did great. Next day a nearby neighbors decided to park its swarm in a 6 foot tall peach tree of hers. Another phone call while I was 350 miles south n headed home. She got that one into the box and I got it on the bee yard. Did yet another split from the double just for good measure. All took well except 2nd split(first day). Had to get a queen for that one. Getting checked in morning to see how she has done. Otherwise, a bit of luck in getting them in our own yard, we are up to 6 hives from 1 double brood. Learned to go in earlier and split sooner.

And have more than enough wood ready. Glad I have both Dadant and a Mann Lake distro close, lol.
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