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Started this year with 2 hives, decided to increase ordered 5 packages due to pick up the first week of May... made a big split last month and started a nuc to be safe... Trapped my first swarm April 1st and today I was out in the shop building hives for the packages and had to close the door due to the bees checking the place out. Checked the 2 traps around the place and the scouts were all over the place. About 3 pm the swarm settled in on one of the traps and have started orienting.

If this one takes, I'll bee up to 5 plus a nuc, (not counting the packages that are still to come) my goal was to have 10 going into the winter this year. This year is the first time I have tried using bait hives.

Thanks for sharing, I've learned a lot, I guess it's good to listen...Andy
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