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$229.00 for a package of bees

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looks a lot like a scam to get people to accidentally buy the $50 "buy it now" deposit thinking they were getting a package for 50 bucks.
The Ebay seller is reselling Don "Fat Beeman" bees. Don sells 3 lb packages for $95 as you can see at this link:

Don's packages are pickup only, so apparently you essentially get to pay $95 for the package plus an additional $134 to the Ebay seller for a delivered package. :eek:
I thought for sure it was because the queen looked like Madonna or something.
That's ridiculous price, but as you can see he is selling them. The eBay listing is tugging at the city dwellers that want to have bees not necessarily keep bees. Read the description and see what I'm talking about. He talks about keeping bees is a rescue mission and that CCD is totally based on bad ag practices. Last I knew there was no definite cause of CCD.
I shouldn't be surprised though, just watch fat bee man videos on YouTube and listen to what he says. He claims that small cell bees can't have tracheal mites, never heard that one before either. And what's the deal with asking for donations at the end of most videos? Isn't he in business and couldn't he write the cost of you tube videos off as advertising? A for profit company asking for donations, wow.
Ebay prohibits the sale of live animals with very few exceptions. A search of their rules didn't reveal specific rules for or against honey bees, still, I wonder if it's even allowed. Seller might be trying to fly under EBay's radar.
yeah...that is completely ridiculous !!!!!!!!!!i bet he isnt even making the packages...and only buying directly from Don the reselling them.

i have no respect for that ebay seller. and he really shines a bad light on us....the beekeepers !!!!!!!!!!!

in any business, it is bad practice to price jump like that. i think Don should demand 80% of all the profits for using his name. because we all know how popular he is whether u or i agree with him and his practices...he has been a positive person for the growth of backyarders. i love his videos and i cant say he isnt in to making a little coin from his popularity. but are any of us against a profit ?

i bet he doesnt even know his name was dropped in the listing....hmmmmm well he does now hahahaha. drop him a line via facebook and let him know.
Yeah...If Don gets clued in, he should sell to the Ebay guy for more. But, the Ebay guy might send an imposter...
Since you started this thread, his price is at $249 a package now. Now, how to change the heading on this thread?:scratch:
What was it that P. T. Barnum said?

John, poor valley bee farm
Well, he does offer a discount if you buy two. Drops the price from $249 each to $194.50 each. So that's nice.
Don't forget that Williams-Sonoma will get an extra 11% for shipping that $350 hive, so that is an additional $38.50 :rolleyes:

But hey, an entrance reducer is included at no additional charge! :thumbsup:
$299 I'll start breaking my hives down into packages for that price. Don't think they'll be producing $200 worth of honey per hive this year.
$299 I'll start breaking my hives down into packages for that price. Don't think they'll be producing $200 worth of honey per hive this year.
Well that maybe better that buying a nuc from a guy named Russell (hush- hush M&B Honey Farm) who waits 90 days on paypal to email you that he can't get your order delivered on time and has refunded your account but he never did and your SOL $$$. Just say'in you live and learn.
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