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21 Queen Cells...oh my!

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Checking hives yesterday, everyone was happy except for hive number #2. In first medium found 2 queen cells, both supercedure....2nd medium found 6 queen cells, all swarm, third medium super found 7 swarm and in the deep had 6 supercedure on one frame!!!

They were going one way or another. I'd already had a full super capped and another almost capped from that hive so I pulled the one super and gave the other one to hive #1 to finish off.

The end result was a 10 frame hive, 2 - eight frame hives and three nucs. The 10 and 8 frames all pretty much had a full set of bees. They all got an empty second to work on. Each nuc had at least 3 full frames of bees. I just couldn't let all those queen cells go to waste!! Everyone got several queen cells, plus I harvested six for royal jelly for next year. Was going to use seven, but a lovely queen hatched out while I was setting up. We popped her back into one of the nucs.

I have boomer of a hive (#5) that I'm going to raise queens from next year, so I really wanted a bit of jelly to do wet grafts. It has given me five supers this year so far. I'm very happy with that hive. The girls are just a bit spicy.

All my hives have been without chemicals for the last seven years, so I'll take a bit of spice anytime.
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