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2020 Spring Nucleus colonies available in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Southeastern Pennsylvania, including Berks County, Chester, Bucks, Lehigh, Lancaster, Montgomery, Northampton counties...

Crisscross Road Bee Yard
616 Crisscross Road
Fleetwood, Pa 19522

Crisscross Road Bee Yard is offering 5 frame Nucs for the 2020 Season-

1. 5 Frame Deep Nuc $175.00

*** This year- Includes a 6 frame non-returnable nuc box, with 5 frame nuc, and an in-box frame feeder!***

Nuc consists of:
1. A freshly mated and laying queen
2. 5 deep frames consisting of:
-2 deep frames of current queen brood
-2 deep frames of honey/pollen/brood
-1 frame mixed of bees, honey/pollen/brood for expansion.
No frame exchange necessary.

2. 5 Frame Medium frame Nuc-- $180.00 Available late April, reserve early.

Pickup at the Fleetwood yard is scheduled for week of:
1. April 5
2. April 12
3. April 19
4. April 26
5. May 3......... we have nucs all summer, call for pickup time.
Pickup time and dates can be affected by weather.

Nucs are offered for inspection in nuc boxes prior to loading into buyer's transport.
All sales final after loading.
Additional assembled CB nuc boxes will be available for $10.00 if needed.

*** Laying queens from nuc stock available in season. Call for availability.***

Full payment by check will be accepted as a firm order.

For any questions, or to order please contact me at:

Dennis Schuelkens
Crisscross Road Bee Yard
616 Crisscross Road
Fleetwood, Pa. 19522

[email protected]

Licensed and inspected by Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture for Nuc and queen sales. 2020-2021

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