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This spring I built an observation hive for the wall in my honey house.
Last week when I was checking my hives I found a hive with swarm cells
2 on one frame and 1 on another frame. My plan was to put one frame
With a swarm cell on it in my observation hive. And watch the new queen hatch.
Only thing wrong here is there must have been another swarm cell that hatched
earlier . because with a few days the bees cut the side out of booth swarm cells
and removed the queen. Witch I assume the first queen hatched had killed them.
Now I am wondering , When you take a swarm cell and move it to make a new hive.
Can you be sure it has not been killed by another Queen,

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Well and often you might wonder the quality of the queen if she is in deed still alive. A very good reason most commercial folks rip out swarm cells and plant a known queen or cell in the colony.
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