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Here's a little math for Saturday:

20:1 Ratio Explained.
I wasn't satisfied with any answer. I checked some math sites and wikipedia. Here is my claim.

From upon searching "ratio":

"If a school has a 20:1 student-teacher ratio, there are twenty times as many students as teachers."

Okay, so 20:1 means "20 to 1" or "20 for every 1." So if you take a group of 21 people from that school, there will be 20 students plus 1 teacher.

Now if it said "1 in 20 people at the school are teachers," then in that group of twenty there is 1 teacher. (1 IN 20) So in that case, 19 in that 20 are students and 1 in that 20 is a teacher. Now that we've said "1 in 20" there are only 19 times as many students as teachers.

Therefore, a ratio of 1:20 means "1 for every 20" and NOT "1 in 20." The problem is the "IN", which everyone here has claimed is acceptable when using to word ratios.

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