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2 virgins ? In package queen cage

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How long dose it take for abdomin to plump up after mating. , one of the packages i received yesterday had what appears to be 2 virgin queens in the 3 hole queen cage
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I don't think two queens....especially virgins....will occupy a cage together. One would be dead in short order.
Attendants maybe?
....especially virgins....
That's the truth. Did you ever put two virgins together? We did this at EAS one year...put them in a large petrie dish. Fought to the death every time. One battle lasted 20 minutes. We also put multiple mated queens together in a cage...for days...and they never fought. And I added a virgin to a cage with a mated not on purpose. That mated queen never knew what hit her.
Thanks Michael for the first hand information. But I have a question of how do we end up with 2 queen colonies if the virgin always goes for the mated queen. I have had 2 queen colonies and boy do they buildup and produce, but how they end up together, I don't know.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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