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2 questions after inspection today.

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1: I noticed some mold on the inside walls of my hive body. Does this indicated bad ventilation? I removed the bottom board from my screened bottom board. Should this solve the problem? or is it and indication of something else?

2: I also noticed that my hive top feeder with sugar water is starting to mold. Should I empty, clean and give them new or is it alright to leave? They are using it just not as much as it holds.

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Yes, sounds like a ventilation problem. Opening up the SBB like you did should help. Propping up the top lid with a twig or ice cream stick should help also.

The feeder should be cleaned out and syrup changed. Only fill it with enough that the bees will empty it in 3 to 5 days will help prevent the prob there.

If they have stores to last through spells of bad weather then you might consider taking the feeder off? The feeder adds to moisture in the hive and with the lack of ventilation, I'm sure it contributed to some of the mold buildup you are experiencing, especially if it was on during cooler weather.
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