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Hard when your new, BUT you have to learn to leave swarms alone for the first week or two for primary swarms and 3 or 4 weeks for secondary swarms.

Swarms are almost never queen-less but you have to give the queen time to start laying again, or the virgin queen time to get mated and start laying. (They wouldn't have swarmed in the first place if they didn't have a queen).

Remember, when in doubt you are generally better off doing nothing. (Paraphrasing Michael Bush quoting some long ago dead guy. ;) )

To answer your question on what to do now, No, I would leave them separate for another 2 weeks to give queen/hive #2 time to get mated and start laying. By keeping them separate now you have two chances of coming up with a laying queen, and if you combine them now the #2 queen/hive will likely kill and tear down the queen cell in you 1st hive.

Good luck. ....Don
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